Why so many people like automatic curling irons?

Apr 08 , 2019


Why so many people like automatic curling irons?

Because it is designed for people who want to styling at home with easy way and have beautiful curled hair, this automatic curling irons just can solve this problem.

It is automatic, easier to use for people and save much time;

Fast heating to 140℃within 1min,general products will take 2 minute or more time;

Nano-tartanite ceramic panels with innovative technology, which disperse heat evenly, no damage hair;

Anti-scalding face anti-shock ;

Also it has Untangled sensor,won’t pull hair,no pain;

And its power cable is 360℃ rotatable, easy to operate; 5 gear temperature control, 4 gear time setting,3 curls direction for choose. What a wonderful product is meet all your requirement. That’s why people are like it.


So how we to use it?

Before you using this automatic curling iron,please ensure that your hair is dry and combed.

Step 1

Plug it into socket and setting temperature:

After power-on, the LCD screen lights up, press the temperature setting button (+/-) to set 140℃,160℃,180℃,200℃,220℃ or 230℃ gear.We suggest you always from the lowest temperature setting and increased heart level requirements.

140-160℃: Suitable for soft hair or dyed hair
180-200℃: Suitable for general hair
220-230℃: Suitable for thick and hard hair or natural curly hair

Step 2

Time setting:

8s: Big wavy hair

10s: Medium wavy hair
12s: Soft medium curly hair
15s: Tight curly Hair

You will heard “di di...” voice after these time, it means hair curled finished.


Step 3

Curl Direction Setting: Select the curl direction by pressing "L" "R" or "A",A=auto.


Step 4

Always let the open part of the curl chamber face to head.

Put a section of hair no bigger than 3cm (keep hair straight) into curl chamber, close the handle and let the hair go. After “di di...” voice, the hair curled finished.

Repeat step 4, you will get wonderful curled hair you want.Using some Stereotype spray product will be better.