Apr 24 , 2019


Does automatic curling iron worked?

We often troubled by make hair styling, some times we even go to barbershop we can not get the styling hair what we want. So some tools like curling iron,straighten iron,hair spray and etc. can help you to make hair styling yourself. But we here to test one of hair curling iron - automatic curling iron what can do.

At first, the exterior looks good like a rose. The line is about 2 meters, and connector is rotating, these are the same as general hair curlers, the product is not heavy, and it is using vertically, you won’t feel tired when you making styling. The temperature can adjust from 180℃ to 270℃, if you like small roll, you can choose 270℃,and don’t put too much hair each time,just need 5 seconds the temperature will arrive to 270℃. Also the curly time also for choose, 15s,17s,19s .There are two button for curling, left and right, just put a little hair in machine, press the left or right button, and wait the voice “bi bi ...” stopped, release the hair, you will get beautiful curled hair.

This product is very suitable for long hair, it is not suitable for too short hair, so if you have a short hair, you need another curling irons,插入链接but you if you have a long hair, this one is a really good choice, no matter you are new or skilled.