Best Manicure Pedicure Set in 2019

Apr 10 , 2019


Best Manicure Pedicure Set in 2019

Are you tired for looking for a set of manicure pedicure with full function?

Now there is a best manicure pedicure set for you, it is a 18pcs/set tools including 5pcs manicure tools,8pcs pedicure tools,and 5pcs tools for face, all these items are made of grate stainless steel, safe and durable,  and it has a beautiful package easy to collect and carry on,you won’t lost these tools just put it in after use and clean it.And you can take it while traveling.

So let’s see what these tools can do ?

First the manicure kits : the small nail clipper is for cutting nail,Oblique nail clipper is use for cutting nail and cuticle,if the cuticle not clean up, then can use V-Shaped cuticle trimmer to clean it up.Then you can use Single-edged Double-sided Push Stick clean nail stitching interior dirt and nail surface cuticle,the last the nail file will help you smoothing and shaping your fingernails.

Next is pedicure kits : there is a big toenail clipper, easy to cut toenail,and then use toe-nail file to smooth toenail or you can smooth it after all steps finished, it’s up to you.The Peeling Knife and four cuticle knife can help you to cut foot cuticle, and the last one but very important one is the Toenail forceps,it can cut ingrown toenail, if you have this situation, use this instrument, you don’t need go to hospital, the doctor also use this clipper treat you.

The rest 5 pcs tools are for face:Eyebrow and Nose Hair Trimming,Eyebrow Tweezer,Blackhead & Acne needle(better clean it before use it),Four ring spiral lug,Ear Pick are very easy to use.

Every body should have one in home in case for when you need to use but you not have it, and this product also suitable for manicure pedicure store, it is the nail shop indispensable tools.